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In the UK, what can we use in place of a transcript?

A grade report will suffice.

In Mexico, we do not have 1040. What do we use?

Recibos de Nomina

Documents say “Processing”, what does that mean?

If you see “Processing” on your homepage, this means that the attachment has been received and in line to go thru the verification process. Please allow at least 5-7 business days.

As long as you have provided all required documents in the acceptable format, your documents will be accepted and your application will be considered complete.

I uploaded a document that no longer displays on my application. Why?

Previously uploaded documents that are no longer displayed with a status on the ‘Home’ page have been rejected. The most common reasons for a rejected document are as follows:

  • The document uploaded is not one of the accepted file types. (.pdf, .tif, .png, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp, .xps and .zip are acceptable file formats.)
  • The .zip file uploaded did not contain acceptable file formats.
  • The document uploaded was not the document requested.
  • Not all pages of the document were contained in the file.
  • We cannot open the file. The file may be corrupted or password protected.

Refer to the upload section of your application for the details of the required documents and upload a new file that meets the criteria stated.

I have uploaded or sent a file attached to be uploaded; do I need to mail the document as well?

If you have uploaded the document and can view the item through the upload page, it is not necessary to mail them as well.

I don’t have a scanner and I need to upload my paper documents.

Office supply stores like Kinko’s, Office Depot and OfficeMax have services that will scan your document and give you a file to upload.

Another option is to take a picture with your smartphone or using a scanning application, which many times are free, scan the document and convert it to a file.

Afterwhich, you would be able to email it to yourself to save on your computer to subsequently upload to your application.

Can I fax my documents?

There is no option for faxing documents. However, you may be allowed to mail it if you can not scan it and upload it. To see if mailing is allowed, please look to see if there is a Cover Page on your application.

Mailed documents MUST be sent with the printed Cover Page located on your application. The mailing address is located on that Cover Page.

I don’t have all required documents.

If documents are required, they must be provided. However, under special circumstances, you may upload an explantion of your situation as a placeholder. This is no guarantee that your application will be considered.

Have a scholarship code for College Board to send SAT?

No, you must obtain a copy and upload or mail (if available) a copy of your SAT scores.

Can I mail my documents now?

Please consult the application. Most programs that allow documents to be mailed will be accepted if postmarked by the deadline date. Others require that the documents be received by us by a certain date.

Mailed documents MUST be sent with the printed Cover Page located on your application. The mailing address is located on that Cover Page.