ISTS Customer Care Knowledgebase


Can you help me compose my essays or give me advice on my application?

We are not at liberty to help in this regard. If you need further guidance on what your essay should be about, we recommend doing research on the program sponsor. Also, you could search for websites that contain information and advice on how to write an essay.

Can I use essays from a previous application?

Yes; however, if you were not awarded previously, we would recommend rewriting/editing your essay before submission. There are many websites that provide tips on writing form and structure; they can be found by searching essay writing tips.

Why did I receive multiple notifications? (i.e. an incomplete and a complete)

Perhaps for one of three reasons:

1) Similar scholarship names, different scholarships. Please confirm.

2) You opened up the application under different usernames (email addresses).

3) You inadvertently opened a new application instead of completing a renewal.

There is no place/field to input college GPA (average percentage grade) and/or transcript.

The fields are dependant on class status selection. If you select freshman status in the Fall you will not have an option to input that information.

Are scholarships taxable?

Tax laws vary by country. The scholarship recipient is responsible for taxes, if any, that may be assessed against your scholarship award. We recommend consulting your tax advisor for more guidance. For US recipients – you may also consult IRS Publication 970 for further information ( ). In the United States, scholarship funds used exclusively for the payment of tuition or textbooks are normally not taxable.

Can you provide tax documentation?

We do not give out documentation for tax purposes. The student will need to contact their academic organization’s business office.

Can I get a list of the scholarships you administer?

While we are unable to provide a list of our clients or the programs we manage, there are thousands of scholarships and educational grants available with a variety of eligibility requirements. We recommend the following free websites to enhance your scholarship search:

ISTS is not associated with these sites; however, some of our clients utilize these outlets to promote their programs.

Your local community foundation is another great resource for financial aid. Many community foundations administer scholarship programs and memorial funds targeting specific high schools, communities and fields of study. We wish you success on your search!

Can ISTS delete my application?

For applicants over the age of 13, ISTS does not delete applications. However, we can remove your application from contention and ensure that your application is not considered in the selection process. In compliance with COPPA, ISTS will permanently delete any information we have collected for any applicant under the age of 13, upon request.