How To Apply

Why does it say I'm ineligible?

Some applications verify your eligibility immediately after using the Program Key.  You will not be able to proceed to the application unless all responses provided meet the application criteria. If you believe you reached this notification in error, please double check the eligibility criteria for your program and try to apply again.

What is a program key?

A program key is a string of letters (it is not case-sensitive & may contain numbers) that allows access to an ISTS-managed scholarship program on our website. If you reached our website through your scholarship provider, your key was automatically entered after you created your account. Don't have the program key? Send an email to with the name of the scholarship to which you want to apply. Our team will get you the key you need! Please note that a request for a list of keys or all scholarships cannot be provided.

How strict is the deadline?

Applications to scholarship programs must have a closing point so that all applicants can be considered by the selections committee and awards can be determined. Most ISTS programs close at 11:59 PM Pacific time on the posted deadline day. Check your application Welcome page to be certain of your deadline. Once a deadline has passed, your online form will close, resulting in a Read Only status. You will no longer be able to upload supporting documents. Any documents you have already uploaded and that are "Processing" may still update to "Accepted" status within seven (7) business days of the deadline. Any required supplement forms often have their own separate deadline listed on their page of the application. As ISTS is only the administrator for a program established by our clients, we cannot offer deadline extensions.

Can only one student in my family apply?

No. If your household has multiple eligible applicants, each is welcome to apply using his or her own ISTS account which requires a separate account email address. It is impossible to file an application for multiple students under a single account. Additionally, applications are reviewed name-blind.

What does "Read Only" mean?

A form in Read-Only mode has been closed. Typically, this is because the application deadline has passed or the application is otherwise not being offered any more. Once a form is in Read-Only mode, you will not be able to make any changes, but if your application was completed, you will move forward into award selections.

What happens if I'm a semi-finalist?

Some Scholarship programs have two application periods where only a certain number of applicants move on to the next stage. If you are selected as one of those lucky few, you will be notified via email to your account email address some time after the initial application deadline with instructions on how to proceed with the next part of the application. Instead of using a program key, which starts a new application, a semi-finalist application link will appear below your initial application on your ISTS home page.

How do I apply?

Though ISTS manages hundreds of scholarships, many of them have similar processes for application. Here are a few items you may have questions about: