What does my Supplement Status mean?

Your application may require a recommendation, verification of your eligibility, or some other form to be completed by someone other than yourself. These are Supplement forms on your application. If one is required for your application, there will be a page on your application on how to request supplements. They can have three status markers. This status means the person you requested to fill out your supplement has not started that form yet. If there is no name or email address next to this on your status page, go back to your application and click Create Request on the Supplement or Recommendation page right away. If there is the name and email address you sent the request to, they may not have seen the request yet. You should feel empowered to reach out to them; after all, it is a requirement for your scholarship to be considered. This status means the person you requested to fill out your supplement has used the Supplement Code the system sent them with your request to open the application. However, at this point they have not finished all the questions. If the deadline is approaching, it may be best to reach out to them to confirm that their part still needs to be finished so you can be considered. Keep in mind that most recommendation forms and some other supplements will allow another week after your deadline before the supplement is due. This status means the person you requested to fill out your supplement has done everything they need to help you with your application. If your application requires multiple supplements, you will need as many in COMPLETE status as is required on your form.

If my application has multiple supplements, how do I make sure the right one goes to the right person?

If your application requires several different types of supplements that go to different individuals, each type will be listed on the supplement page and will have a separate Create Request link for each form. Make sure to read your supplement instructions carefully to know which form goes to whom. The image below shows you how multiple items will appear on your application.

What if my recommender didn’t get my request?

If you have spoken with your recommender and they have not received the system-generated supplement instructions, return to your application and click the envelope icon to resend the instructions via email. If this does not appear, there was no email address entered when you created your request and you will have to do so again. You may also click the printer icon to print the instructions and provide them by hand if you prefer.

How do I delete a supplement request?

If you have sent a request to the wrong individual, or need to change the email address, you can click the trash can icon next to the request to delete it. This will cause the system-generated supplement code to be invalid; therefore, please contact the individual it was initially sent to informing them of this change. If there is no trash can icon available, this means the code has been used. If you need the request removed, contact ISTS Customer Care about your request and the individual informing them that you no longer need their assistance.

How do I create a supplement request?

If a supplement is required for your application, a section of your application will describe how to request your recommendation or other supplement form. This involves clicking Create Request on the application and entering the name and email address (please ensure correct spelling) of the person you want to file the supplement for you. The system subsequently emails the person with instructions on how to submit their form. Once generated, the request will show you a status which could be the following:

  • Emailed – An email has been sent to the email address provided on the request with instructions.
  • Requested – The request has been generated and is awaiting action from the provider you sent it to.
  • Started – The supplement form has been accessed by your supplement provider but is not yet complete.
  • Submitted – The provider has successfully completed the form, meeting that requirement for your application.

How do recommendations and supplements work?

In order to offer a secure application environment, most recommendations or other supplement forms required from a third-party must be filled out via that third party’s own account in the ISTS system. An applicant will request a supplement to be filled out by a nominator or recommender. Then, the recommender would have received a system-generated email asking him for his assistance which would include instructions and a supplement code.

How do I use a supplement code?

In order to connect a third-party supplement provider with the correct student, ISTS uses a supplement code system that connects you directly to the form required for your specific student. If you are filling information for multiple students, you will receive a code for each one and will need to use each one so that each student can complete their application requirements. Supplement codes are 13 characters long and contain numbers and letters. If you receive a message that your supplement code is invalid, try these solutions.

  1. Type your supplement code slowly and carefully into the Supplement Code field on your account.
  2. Check your email to make sure the student has not generated a new code for you that is now valid.
  3. Contact your applicant to ensure they still wish for your recommendation at this time. If they have changed their minds and canceled your request, it could cause your code to become invalid.
  4. If none of the options above help, please reach out to our Customer Care team.

What is my supplement status?

The status of your recommendation is always available to you from your home page of your ISTS account. If you ever need to get back to the home page, click Home in the upper right of your screen. Under “Supplements” on your home page, a table will appear with all active supplement forms. If a student does not appear, you have not used their supplement code on this account. Note that if you have more than 10 supplements on your account, you will need to change pages to display further supplement items. You can organize supplements on your home page by Applicant Name, Program, Due Date, or Status. A status of Not Submitted means that all required information on the form has not been successfully submitted. Click the form name under Program to continue filling out the supplement. A status of Submitted means that all materials have been received and no further action is required for that supplement form.